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Founded in 2012 Wholehearted is a creative production agency, creating spectacular launches, award ceremonies, brand & experiential activations, festivals & outdoor events and weddings.  We turn the ideas in your head into reality, creating unique and memorable experiences.  


We are passionate about producing breathtaking events that engage, entertain and get people talking.  We are the idea designers, the budget Houdini’s, who can source the weird and wonderful to bring your visions into reality.


With over 20 years working in the live events industry we have rapidly built up an impressive reputation with an equally impressive "little black book” of coveted contacts containing world-renowned choreographers, stylists, make-up artists, DJ’s, musicians, street performers & theatre artists.





Wholehearted strive to be as considerate as possible to the planet, communities and people. It’s the thing that gets us up in the morning to be able to assist an organisation, charity or private client to obtain their dreams and give something back.  Our small steps over the years have left some huge positive changes, Live Earth, Save the Children and working with the Princes Trust to name but a few.

So our little mantra is to try and give something back on each of our events, raising awareness for a cause, up-cycle props, using sustainable materials or offering hybrid transport for guests and celebrities. No matter how small we try and make sure we have ticked a box and our hearts have been filled in someway.

Festivals and events produce tons of waste, we believe that to reduce this we should always work closely with our suppliers to find the best material or solution to incorporate sustainability, we never leave anything behind except good memories.

Dependent on client’s budgets, we work closely with fantastic sustainable experts, who advise and assist us on our projects, helping us achieve our goals in the greenest possible way, leaving any environment a little happier.

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